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3 changes from SGA for the new semester

January 23, 2018

With the new semester in full swing, the Student Government Association has already made its share of plans, outlined at the organization’s first meeting yesterday afternoon. Students can look for three significant student-focused changes from SGA throughout the spring semester.

1. New committees

Eliminating the Public Relations Committee, SGA’s new Academic Affairs Committee is an application-based group that serves to support the university’s academic environment. The committee will focus on various academic-based areas such as curriculum, course evaluations, advising, registration and interaction between students and faculty.

SGA President Tommy Thibodeaux said that such a transition was necessary and that the organization’s previous lack of an Academic Affairs Committee was ultimately an oversight.

“We were thinking about different aspects that maybe are under-represented…and it seemed so simple at the time, but why would we not have an academic affairs committee?” said Thibodeaux. “That’s what we’re all here for…to make sure, especially with the new administration, that we are being responsible with academics…to make sure we have the proper courses, tools, and different things like that that we need. It honestly just is this simple thing that we just always kind of overlooked.”

2. New (and old) projects

With an extensive list of projects such as a Peltier water fountain, a library charging station and Student Union updates, SGA has a number of student-focused projects to put into motion this semester. In addition, students can expect to see new progress on plans that the organization introduced in the fall semester.

For example, SGA has resubmitted the much-discussed student media referendum, which former president Bruce Murphy rejected in November, for approval from the new administration.

“Dr. Dial resubmitted approval for the referendum to Dr. Clune probably the week after the university reopened,” said Peyton Chiasson, Director of Student Rights and Grievances. “It’s still in the works to be approved to get on the March ballot.”

3. New visibility

While infrastructure needs are important, SGA is looking to pass more motions this semester that students can see directly affecting them, said Thibodeaux. This includes items such as new classroom equipment that improve students’ learning experiences.

“Some of the bigger things that we’re looking at in making motions and working with the administration…is making sure that we get some solid, seeable, physical things that directly impact students,” said Thibodeaux. “So that’s better technology in classrooms, better desks, better overall experiences. We’re going to be pushing with us and the administration to not only fix the infrastructure needs so we can have a safe building…but also make sure that you are seeing some grade-A new technology and new things to enhance your learning here.”

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