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Movie Review: “Pitch Perfect 3”

December 23, 2017

Pitch Perfect 3 is the final installment in the Pitch Perfect trilogy. Directed by Trish Sie, Pitch Perfect 3 had a wonderful cast and story line that lead the viewer through a hilarious farewell story for the acapella group the Bellas.

The film had an excellent returning cast including, Anna Kendrick as Beca and Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy. Pitch Perfect 3 takes place after the Bellas have graduated college and are unsatisfied with their current professions. All of the Bellas wish that they could be reunited for just one more chance to sing. Their wish is granted when they are allowed to do one last performance with the USO. A lot rides on this last performance, as the winner will be able to do an opening show with a world famous rapper.

Upon arriving at the competition, they realize that their biggest difficulty will be performing against groups that use instruments and not just their voices to perform.

The Bellas seek to overpower this group and will not let intimidation be a factor in the competition. The movie follows the Bellas crazy antics throughout the European USO tour.

The hilarious dialogue in the film was written by Kay Cannon and Mike White. Throughout the film, the witty banter amongst the characters will keep the audience in a constant state of laughter.

Since it will be the final movie in the series, there are often many references back to the first movie, that if you have not seen, can cause the viewer to be confused. The viewer is almost expected to have seen the first two movies to understand jokes, which can be annoying at times if you do not have the rest of the movies committed to memory.

However, for those that do not have these movies committed to memory, there are plenty of jokes and hilarious scenes that will keep the viewer laughing.

What I personally liked about this film, was that the viewer finally got to see the backstories to some of the main characters, even if it was brief. It gave the viewer a more in-depth look at the characters that helped to make them more relatable.

The music choice in the film was amazing. All of the songs that the Bellas and competing singing groups performed were executed extremely well and all were catchy, upbeat songs that kept the audience in a great mood. There was never a time that I was disappointed in the song selection. Instead, I was always happily surprised at the selection and often wished for more.

The acting in Pitch Perfect 3 was great. While some characters over shown some more than others, it was still a great cast. The best actors were Wilson, Kendrick and Brittany Snow. All had hilarious dialogue that was performed very well.

The scenery in Pitch Perfect 3 was quite good as compared to the other films that took place primarily on college campuses. This film was located in different countries in Europe which allowed for a more decadent set.

Pitch Perfect 3 did not have any big romantic plot lines, as it was mostly focused on the Bellas’ life after college and their desire to sing as a group one more time. Not having a big romantic plot was not missed from the film. I believe that if it had been more prominent it may have overshadowed the character background and development that the viewer was finally able to see.

Even if you have not seen Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2, Pitch Perfect 3 is a must see! You do not need to have tons of knowledge about the film in order to be able to enjoy it.

The Bellas are shown as strong women who are able to preserve through any crisis thrown at them in the film. Whether it be kidnapping or dealing with family issues, the Bellas stay true to one another and portray a wonderful sense of friendship. This friendship is what kept the acapella group alive and allowed them to be so unique from all other singing groups in the movie. The viewer could easily see the love and devotion each girl had for one another.

While the story was a little lacking at times, I still found myself thoroughly entertained.
Overall, I would rate this movie a 7 out of 10 as the costumes, singing, dancing and acting were great! I recommend it to anyone looking for a good movie that will get you singing along to the music and laughing the entire length of the movie.

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