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Series Review: “Stranger Things Season 2”

November 4, 2017

The season opens up with Will safely back at home trying to get things back to normal, but that
isn’t the case with the monster in the Upside Down still haunting him. The story picks up almost
a year after the ending of season one, but keeps the same directing style. For only nine
episodes, the storyline is very fast but to the point as to not stall on any secondary arcs.

The party of friends have started to curse more which seems to surprise the parents. Knowing
the rhythm of season one, the second season easily slides back into mayhem with the creature
not leaving Will alone. The actors seemed to pick sides in the beginning episodes, but all still
focusing on the main goal of helping Will. The second season has great parallels to the first
season with Will’s mom trashing the house again, Nancy and Jonathan teaming up and Officer
Hopper trying to save the day.

When it comes to the soundtrack, the producers did an excellent job of keeping with ‘80s era
music to remind the audience of the time period. The directors add appropriate ominous music
when it is needed as well as when music is not expected.

The only special effects in the show are of the Upside Down creature, which does not differ from
the technology required in the first season. The directors also added more conflict with another
creature named Dart to fight in a side arc. The tense moments feel realistic as if there is actual
danger in the show. The actors did a really good job of being brave when they needed to be, but
also showing fear because they are just human.

Overall I would rate the show 8/10 due to the increase in threat level of the creature as well as
adding backstory. The addition of more backstory to Eleven and clarity of Will’s connection to
the creature helped the audience understand their distressed actions.

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