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SGA to host toy drive

November 2, 2017

The Student Government Association passed a motion at its meeting yesterday afternoon to sponsor a
toy drive for the Thibodaux Regional Medical Center emergency room.

Senator Savannah Sadaiappen introduced the motion at the organization’s meeting last week.
Sadaiappen, who works in the emergency room at the hospital, said that the drive will benefit the
children that have to go to the emergency room.

“When [children] come in around Christmas time we usually have toys to give them. It’s kind of scary
when something serious has happened to you as a child,” said Sadaiappen. “We don’t have any more
toys left, so one of the nurses and I thought it would be a good idea to sponsor a toy drive here at
Nicholls to collect some toys for the kids.”

Sadaiappen said that the organization will have a table in the Student Union where students can drop
off toy donations.

SGA also passed a motion to purchase three new black picnic tables for the quad. Senator Christopher
Oubre said that the organization is looking to replace all of the wood in the quad since it is old and
falling apart.

“One of them is going to be handicap [accessible] to be placed between Beauregard and Peltier, and the
other two are going to be rotating around the quad until we decide where they’re being best put to
use,” said Oubre.

Oubre said that SGA will begin with those tables and purchase additional ones if there is demand for
more. Vice President Austin Wendt said that the university will move the old tables to the tailgate area.

In addition, SGA passed a motion to allocate $1750 toward co-sponsoring fireworks for the Nov. 4
football game. The organization will partner with Nicholls’ athletics to provide the $4500 needed to
cover the cost of the fireworks. Senator Joshua Daigle said that the fireworks will serve to increase spirit
and pride in the football team.

“The point of [the fireworks] is to try to up the attendance for sporting events. We’re trying to build a
little more pride in the football games and the football team,” said Daigle. “We’re really trying to drum it
up as they’re making it toward the conference playoffs.”

President Tommy Thibodeaux reported that the presidential search committee, of which he is a
member, narrowed down around 35 applicants for the position to six finalists. He said that over the next
few weeks those candidates will come to campus for open forums and interviews where students will be
able to ask questions.

Wendt said that he and Thibodeaux will address the faculty senate next week to discuss a potential free
period in the middle of the school day that will allow organizations to have meetings during that time.

Additionally, Peyton Chiasson, director of student rights and grievances, reported that he submitted a
tech fee proposal to replace and add wireless access points in Peltier Hall.

SGA also appointed Cameron Bourgeois to the Supreme Court.

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