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Photo by: Rachel Klaus

Photo by: Rachel Klaus

Just Keep Swimming: Moana

October 10, 2017

It’s always fun to indulge in a nostalgic, innocent animated movie, but we don’t always
get to see the true beauty behind them until we really search for the hidden meanings behind
the fairytale. I was able to truly rediscover this when I was introduced to Disney’s latest success,

While some viewers consider it cheesy, Moana and her story conveys some pretty
awesome messages for audiences of all ages. Moana teaches us that sometimes going against
the grain and defying society is the right thing to do even if it seems selfish. Frankly, she
reminds us that believing in ourselves should always remain number one; she teaches us that
we can achieve anything we desire if we give ourselves the opportunity to try. She’s an example
that we sometimes we may even surprise ourselves with what we’re capable of. By following
her intuition and heart, she and the rest of her people benefited tremendously by her decision.

Moana, who defies the demands of her protective father and societal norms, goes out
of her way to follow her heart through personal confidence and support from her adored
Grandmother. Despite her disobedience and multiple challenges along the way, Moana
emerges a hero by saving her loved ones, island, and other communities across the ocean. To
top it off, she befriends an egotistical demigod along her journey and helps him to discover the
best version of himself.

This beautiful movie teaches a multitude of valuable lessons. It exposes audiences to
differing cultures, encourages adventure, expresses individuality, and shatters stereotypes
associated with Disney’s female examples in the past. It reminds us that it’s okay to be different
and it’s acceptable to venture outside of your comfort zone or society’s expectations.

For me, the biggest mindset that I pull from Moana is that I should always follow my gut.
Being confident is a beautiful way to live and is key to overcoming adversity. All in all, we can
learn a lot from Moana and her story, especially now as we face midterms.

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