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The dangers of excessive drinking

April 12, 2017

Oh the beauty of spring break. You get to ditch the books and classrooms, enjoy the decent weather (decent because we live in Louisiana) and free time. For many college students, the idea of drinking seems to cross their mind.

Some people drink because they like the taste of their alcoholic beverage, whereas others drink to get drunk.

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, about two thirds of college students participate in binge drinking. Binge drinking occurs when an individual drinks excessive amounts of alcohol in a short time frame. It is one of the leading causes of alcohol poisoning.

I get it, you’re young and want to have fun, but is excessive drinking really necessary? Let’s get something straight, I’m not telling you not to drink. I’m simply asking that you drink in moderation.

The college student’s fad for binge drinking has a lot to do with American culture. Unfortunately, a lot of American culture makes getting drunk appear like a normal thing to do. It only encourages binge drinking and contributes to the thousands of students who end up in the emergency room for alcohol poisoning (NIAAA).

Other than alcohol poisoning, drinking in excess can lead to car crashes, domestic violence, sexual assault, unintended pregnancy and, if done regularly, liver disease (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Go ahead, have a drink or two but remember that your actions have consequences. For example, drinking and driving. If you plan to drink and have to be somewhere, don’t drive. Instead find a designated driver. Have someone who you trust so you won’t be completely vulnerable. Not only are you placing your life in danger when you drink and drive, but you’re also putting others at risk. What I am trying to say is to enjoy Spring break, but think before you drink.

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