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Nicholls athletes discuss pregame routines

February 21, 2017

For many athletes it is common practice to have a set routine before every game, with some having specific rituals they practice during the game.

“I have to eat a bag of skittles before and during the game, and my socks have to be down,” Nicholls senior baseball player Justin Holt said. “It’s extremely important to have a consistent routine because it keeps you comfortable in everything you do.”

Senior women’s basketball player Taylor Morrison said she always has to have an undershirt on when she plays, otherwise she doesn’t feel fully dressed and gets out of her comfort zone.

“I always have to have on an undershirt,” Morrison said. “One time I forgot it in the locker room, and one of my teammates had to run and get it so I could play.”

Senior baseball player Cole Stapler has a different take on getting prepared, just trying to keep his routine simple on games that he starts on the mound.

“I eat subway a couple hours before, and like to listen to some music in the locker room,” Stapler said. “I’m not really too superstitious, but having a good routine is everything.”

Senior women’s basketball player Emani White said she has to speak with her mother before every game to clear her mind and stay relaxed.

“I pray before each game and have to talk to my mom on the phone before each game, whether it’s five minutes before or 30 minutes before,” White said. “I think (superstitions are) pretty much all in your head and some people have been doing it for so long that it’s just a routine that works for them.”

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