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Last Minute Valentine’s Day ideas

February 14, 2017

Valentine’s Day is here, and I’m sure there are many people out there who still have no clue what to do for that special person. No worries, there’s still some time to plan the most romantic night ever, even if you forgot about this special day. If you follow these quick steps you can make it seem like you’ve been planning “the most perfect gift” for weeks. Here’s a few ideas for all my last-minute lovers.

Make a fruit/candy basket

Unless you made a call to Edible Arrangements last week, you can forget trying to send a professional food gift basket. Instead, make one yourself. Try using some tasty fruit or your Valentine’s favorite candy. Trust me, most people won’t care where the basket came from. If it’s filled with tasty food, they’ll love you forever.

Scavenger hunts

Leave clues around different locations that lead up to different gifts or places you have for you valentine. I know what you’re thinking and no, this is not something they only do in movies. Leave notes or gifts (preferably both) that leads up to the main gift or simply a kiss once the trail is complete. Leave good directions though, taking the wrong left turn is a major turn off, no pun intended.

Flowers and Chocolate

Simple. So cliché, yet so effective. Instead of grabbing the $7.99 special out of Walgreens, try an arrangement from a florist. The flowers are more beautiful, and should come in a pretty vase.

Write a poem

“Just say what’s on ya heart bro.” Handwritten poems or letters are simple yet wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts. They allow the other person to peak into your mind as you speak from the heart. This gift is actually effective on the other 364 days of the year also.

Make a video

I know we’re talking about Valentine’s Day but NO, I am not talking about making that kind of video! I mean one of those cute “relationship videos” that’s always on Twitter on Facebook. Take all of the funny, cute and embarrassing photos and videos from Snapchat stories or camera roll and put them together. Put a song in the video that reminds you of that special someone.

Make Reservations for dinner

If you haven’t caught the drift from example one and three, food is the key to the heart (and stomach). Ask the restaurant if there’s a private area available. Romantic candle lit dinners are just that, lit.

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