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Socialnomics dictate ad trends

Socialnomics dictate ad trends

February 13, 2017

Advertisements can be found in every direction you turn. This year’s Super Bowl ads, for example, was living proof of how much companies have invested in ads.

The biggest new trend is to incorporate ads into social media platforms. This marketing tactic, however, wasn’t randomly put into effect; rather, this strategy was born because statistics have shown that 96% of millennials have some form of social media.

Being aware of this, more and more businesses have jumped on the bandwagon of social media marketing in the hopes to reach their target audiences in a cost effective way. To say it plainly, you can goodbye to traditional advertisements and hello to the revolution of Socialnomics.

According to Huffington Post’s Social Media Talk: A Conversation With Marshall Perrin, “The definition of socialnomics is the building of a brand through the combined use of social media.”

This shift in marketing dynamics makes it easier for businesses around the world to connect with consumers. Social Media Manager careers have even been created to update businesses’ social media pages by posting pictures and videos, following potential consumers, and responding to negative feedback about the product. Jobs like these combined with social media marketing research jobs have created a multimillion-dollar industry.

In the same way brands are now being marketed through social media accounts, people are being marketed too. Celebrities are being promoted via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and etc., which lead me to stress the importance of properly marketing ourselves, as college students.

As social media marketing expands, its becoming easier for companies to access information about anyone. So, be mindful that your posts become a direct reflection of yourself and convey a particular message to your audience.

Before posting a drunk, unflattering “selfie”, you’d be wise to remember that all content is fair game for career professionals to judge. Not only do professionals search your social media accounts, but also they are typically interested in viewing your LinkedIn account.

According to the YouTube video, The Social Media Revolution 2016, “80% of companies use social media for recruitment. The percentage of these [companies] using LinkedIn is 95%.” With that being said, LinkedIn is such a resourceful tool in finding future careers and for future careers to find you. So, make an account and use it to your advantage.

Our generation has the advantage of knowing how to utilize technology, so utilize it wisely! If you still don’t believe that Socialnomics is a real thing, watch the video in the link below; it will inform you that, ““Social Media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.

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