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Students reveal what they expect from Trump’s presidency

Students reveal what they expect from Trump’s presidency

January 26, 2017

President Donald Trump’s campaign and inauguration has caused a lot of buzz, especially among college students.

With each new president, the public expresses their opinions on the president’s policies and behavior.

“I think that Donald Trump is going to do well for our country,” William Forshag, culinary arts freshman from Houma, said. “He is a businessman and I think we need to run the country more like a business. I feel like we need to put the United States first instead of other countries. I have a lot of faith in him and I expect the country to do a lot better. I hope that we will try to get out of debt, and I think if it’s run like a business we can do some good.”

Other students are hopeful for improvements in realms other than debt.

Selina Wiggins, nursing freshman from Labadieville, said that she hopes education will change for the better, along with improvements in veterans’ benefits.

Others do not share the same amount of faith in Trump, but remain hopeful in the future of the country.

“It can honestly go either way in my opinion,” Hailey Chabert, allied health freshman from Cut Off, said. “There are things I hope that he’ll actually push through and approve. There are also things that I hope he changes his mind about. I’m not really sure if things will get better or worse. I’m still hopeful that the overall outcome will be a positive one.”

Some fall directly in the middle, unsure of their opinions on the new president.

“I have been skeptical of the entire election process,” Joel Miller, mass communication junior from Lockport, said. “They have had a lot of failed attempts of things he has been trying to do just in his business life. What if those failures carry over into his presidency? Talk is cheap and I’m not really expecting anything in particular. It is past the point of being able to change anything. I would like to be hopeful, but some of the things he has said has been concerning. I really hope the disunity we have at the beginning of this presidency gets sorted out.”

Some students do not have faith in Trump as a president and are fearful of his newly gained power.

“I am fearful of Trump,” Wiggins said. “I feel like now that Trump is president, everyone will come out the woodwork being racist. I feel like people will start to think that now that Trump is president, we can be treated however just because we are African American or Hispanic. I feel for the people because things will get worse. Now that he is in office, I feel he won’t do a lot of what was promised to his voters. I hope he does well, I just don’t have faith in him.”

The buzz from the new presidential election has caused many varying viewpoints from students. Whether you are disappointed in, fearful or supportive of the new president, we must remember that remaining united as a nation is more important now than ever. As always, we are stronger together.

“I am choosing to believe that the unity is going to happen,” Miller said.

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