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Gamma Phi Beta sorority makes home at Nicholls

January 19, 2017

Nicholls Student Life is introducing a new addition to the campus greek community this semester, a chapter of Gamma Phi Beta sorority.
“I personally believe that Gamma Phi Beta is one of the most fitting sororities for our campus,” Delta Zeta President, Megan Labat said.

According to PHA President, Lisa Dempsey, “Wanting a new sorority on campus was something that had been mentioned since before the 2013 fall semester.”

The process of picking the new addition didn’t come quickly or easily.

The Panhellenic Association is responsible for establishing the guidelines of the long process that precedes the introduction of a new sorority chapter on campus.
“Each council has different guidelines on how new chapters are chartered,” Tommy Ponson, head of the Greek Life department, said. “There are strict guidelines to invite or extend an invitation, and that’s done over a several month to a year process. Chapters who are interested then submit packets.”
A Greek Council was formed including a few chosen members and one advisor from each of the sororities on campus, Tri Sigma, Phi Mu and Delta Zeta. “The Council met a few times a month with each prospective sorority,” Dempsey said. “A voting meeting took place afterwards to decide which one would join us on campus this spring.”

The interested chapters then had the option to come to campus for an exploratory visit. From there, the chapters put together a presentation for both Nicholls and the Thibodaux community. 

“In their presentation, they emphasized wanting to be a part of a close community, and ours is what stood out most to them,” Labat said. 

In order to grow successfully they are starting the recruitment process this spring and carry into fall with the rest of Greek Life. 

“Their nationals have a team that sits down to recruit and train the women who are joining the sorority,” Ponson said. 

Gamma Phi Beta scheduled events will include a slideshow night, philanthropy night, preference night and bid day just as the other sororities do.

Dating all the way back to 1874, Gamma Phi Beta has stood by this vision statement, “We will build confident women of character who celebrate sisterhood and make a difference in the world around us.”

They have lived up to that by raising over 2.9 million dollars for philanthropic partners such as Girls on the Run and Building Strong Girls.

“There is a need for their philanthropy in our area, and we liked their strategy of using consultants to grow on our campus,” Dempsey said.

Nicholls Greek Life already has an outstanding amount of ways they have given back to the community.

Labat said, “ We as Greeks are more than excited to see how Gamma Phi Beta will help us grow as a whole.”

Two resident consultants on campus are assigned to help with Gamma Phi Beta recruitment. 

“These 2 recruiters invite currently active ladies involved in Nicholls Greek life to work with them in spreading their excitement and to grow around Nicholls Campus,” Dempsey said.

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