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10 things Nicholls students should be thankful for

November 24, 2016

As the temperature drops and the holidays are near, college students across the country seem to experience an overwhelming sense of joy, nostalgia and appreciation. Maybe, this evident joy pertains to the fact that only three weeks remain in the semester after Thanksgiving. Or perhaps, the anticipated reunion with our family members leaves us reminiscing about our younger days. Whichever the case may be, people seem to experience a warm, fuzzy feeling of gratitude around this time of year which undoubtedly adds to the cheerful spirit in the air.

So in the midst of it all, let us reflect, be grateful and never forget that circumstances can always be worse. I mean, imagine having to walk 45 minutes to an hour across a large campus compared to Nicholls campus’ fifteen-minute-stride. In addition, here is a brief list of things college students sometimes take for granted but should be thankful for.

Classes without attendance policies

While scrolling through your professor’s monotonous syllabus, you instantly imagine the hellish semester that lies before you. You might even develop an early agitation with your professor as you glance at the course’s needed materials and workload. But then the words, “Class attendance is not mandatory but is advised,” grab your attention and all is right in your world. Who knows, this professor might not be so bad after all.

Quizlet and test files

Haven’t read your book for the Moodle chapter quiz yet? No worries, Quizlet and the simple steps of copy and paste won’t let you down. Also, let’s face it, coming across test files for that impossible class is like coming across a giant pot of gold. Your recent findings will leave you giddy with excitement until you’re handed a test that looks nothing like the version you studied. Let’s not forget to also be thankful for those college pals who gave you lengthy reviews on the professors and courses in your major.

Double-spaced papers

Your professor hands you a list of requirements for your paper, in which you quickly scan for the four words that will send you into an immediate happy dance—“one page” and “double spaced.” At that moment, a flood of relief washes over you, because, if we’re being technical, that’s roughly 250 less words you’d have to write.

Book rentals for cheap

The cheaper the books, the happier the college student, right? Most rental books in the Nicholls bookstore have shown to be significantly cheaper than new copies of the same material. Although most of our bookstore’s prices are on point, other book rental websites might be the faster option of obtaining the book, especially if you needed that book for yesterday.

Friends who share Netflix passwords

Shoutout to the friends who give out their Netflix passwords. Your parents might be upset about the multiple users on one account, but sharing is caring, right mom?

Fifty minute catnaps

You’re running on 2.5 hours of sleep, woke up to an empty pot of coffee, and have three classes ahead of you. All before work at 5 a.m., that is. It’s just one of those days. Naturally, you’ll find yourself strategically wedging a nap in between class and work. You might leave your last class thirty minutes early and come up with an excuse for being late to work, just to squeeze in that nap. But all the scheming is totally worth it, because that nap gave you life.


Technology, without a doubt, has advanced in more directions and more ways than anyone could have ever imagined possible, but the Bitmoji keyboard app has taken it to the next level. A cartoon version of yourself, created by yourself to express yourself. What more could our generation ask for? I mean, now, we have another means of complaining about our first-world problems!

Professors who curve test and offer extra point opportunities

To the teachers that have mercy upon their students and supply ample amounts of help when and where help is needed: You rock, never change.

Funny social media pages

Loads of school work begin to pile on and your anxiety level is about to reach its peak. In instances like these, sometimes it’s necessary to sit back, relax and laugh a little. Luckily, you don’t have to search too far for a good giggle these days, because our advanced cell phones gives us access to Twitter, Facebook, Ifunny, Instagram and many more.

Two fall breaks and a week off for Thanksgiving

Last but certainly not least, let’s all take a moment to be thankful for our university’s Fall Semester Holidays. Unlike many other universities, Nicholls has two fall breaks instead of one and gives their students a whole week off for Thanksgiving opposed to half of a week. Because of this, we’re blessed with the opportunity to reunite with our friends and family, which is the biggest blessing of them all.

Despite the dreadful cramming and anxiety that accompanies the end of the semester, I challenge you to be truly grateful for all you’ve been given and dwell on it daily. Whether you appreciate being a citizen of a first world country, had a life changing revelation or just really happy to alive, let your gratitude radiate this Thanksgiving holiday.

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