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The importance of teaching online classes the right way

November 22, 2016

With the constant growth of technology in today’s society comes the natural growth of online educational courses. Nicholls has its online community that offers not only various courses online but also the ability to obtain specific degrees online as well.

Online classes vary greatly from your traditional classroom setting, students watch lectures, complete homework assignments and take tests without ever going to an actual classroom.

Many online professors rely on the students to remember when assignments are due and test are to be taken. This makes the courses convenient for students to fit into a schedule and also allows professors to teach more classes.

“With online classes your basically on your own,” Logan Alleman, nursing freshman from Lockport, said. “Sometimes you can easily forget about it because you don’t actually go into class. With the load of other classes that you go to everyday an email from the professor could be a big help in reminding a student’s what’s coming up.”

Many students believe that teachers should continue to treat all students equally and fairly no matter if class is taking place online or in a classroom.

“I believe that all students should always be treated equally,” Shynne Larson, birth to five early interventionist education senior, from Plaqemine. “If the professor is going to provide bonus opportunities to one student, they should open those opportunities for everyone. Same thing with extensions. Unless a student has a medical or family emergency, they should not receive special privileges.”

Online professors should treat all students equally and offer the same opportunities to every member of the class whether the class is in the classroom or online. Online professors could also begin sending reminders to students when they have assignments due or test to be completed.

“Majority of students who take online classes have a hectic schedule, so a reminder from the teacher can go a long way for someone who already has a million other things to worry about,” Alleman said.

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