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Photo by: Richard Galbreath Jr.

The Nicholls Players perform an excerpt of A Midsummer Night's Dream, by William Shakespeare, at the Grand Re-opening of the Mary & Al Danos Theater, that was on Tuesday, September 27.

Rules to follow for theater etiquette

October 28, 2016

In light of the newly renovated Mary and Al Danos Theater, its important to know how to respect the environment and the performers.
The following tips are crucial to appreciating theaters and the beautifully-displayed talents of many people.

No eating or drinking

Eating food in an arts theater is harmful to the high tech equipment. Not to mention, chomping on Doritos isn’t exactly the most quiet activity. Drinks are not allowed because they can be harmful to the equipment and any spills can damage the floors as well as the seats.

No talking during a performance

Talking during a performance is just rude and distracting. Performers spend hours practicing and they deserve respect. Besides, if you talk how are you going to hear the performance?

Do not use your cell phone

Most performances are recorded and in most cases, cell phones interfere with the recording. Bright lights are especially distracting to the performer.

Do not make noise of any kind

Seriously, any type of noise is distracting. If you have to make a noise, like a cough or sneeze is absolutely understandable. However, unwrapping a candy wrapper is loud and you shouldn’t be eating candy or chewing gum in the first place.

Don’t get up and down during a performance

Getting up and down during a performance is distracting to the performer and audience. If there is a need to leave the theater, quietly move between pieces or during applause.

If you follow these simple rules, your theater experience and the experience of others will be pleasant. You will get to explore and enjoy what makes a theater so important to the arts.

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