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Unique aspects of South Louisiana

October 4, 2016

No matter if you live up the bayou or down the bayou, there are tons of things that make the place we call home special.

Besides the bayous themselves, here are a few things that make living in South Louisiana unique.

The People

Some of the friendliest people are from the south. Living in South Louisiana means that you probably have neighbors that wave to you every time you leave your house. You probably also know what it’s like waiting  for you mom to finish an hour-long conversation with whoever she runs into at the store. Southern hospitality is what other areas around the country come here to find because down here, we help each other out in the best way we can.

The Food

The food in South Louisiana is all the rave. From jambalaya to pecan pie, we have a unique taste down south. And who can forget every family’s unique way of making gumbo? Living in South Louisiana also means knowing how important seafood is to the area. We boil crawfish, crabs, and any other sea creature in between and serve them hot for almost every family event. Our food draws people from around the world not only for how unique each dish is, but also for the taste that can’t be found anywhere else.

The Weather

The seemingly never-ending summer in South Louisiana is enough to make anyone run for the hills. When the temperature drops to the high 60s, our sweaters and scarves come out as we hope the cold weather is really here to stay. We all may love the way the leaves look when they’re changing, but where we’re from, the leaves usually go straight from green to dead. As for a White Christmas, we all need to just keep on dreaming.

The Creatures

In South Louisiana we fight off monster-sized mosquitoes and stay aware when driving at night so we don’t hit an alligator. From bugs to small animals, we have quite the variety of creatures down south. We don’t need to keep pet snakes or spiders because they live in our backyards and occasionally end up in our house. Who needs the zoo, the entire south is a zoo!

Even with a summer that never ends and the fear of possibly running over an alligator, we all have a special love for where we live. This love grows with every mosquito we kill, every hand we shake,  every gumbo we taste and every endless summer we spend in South Louisiana.

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