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Dietetics professor shares tips for creating healthy eating habits

September 21, 2016

Eating healthy in college just got a little easier with the help of a Nicholls dietetics professor’s tips.

The infamous “freshman fifteen” that has haunted the minds of college freshman for years can be avoided by developing good eating habits. Elizabeth Sloan, Assistant Professor of Dietetics and Dietetics Program Coordinator, shared the following tips for eating healthy in college: eat breakfast, don’t skip meals, and try to avoid indulging in late night snacking.

  • Try to eat breakfast every morning, research has shown that breakfast is the most important meal for not only children, but also adults. It contains many nutrients you may not get otherwise.
  • Don’t skip meals, even though you might be busy with classes, try to at least eat something, but stay away from vending machines. Instead pack something to take with you; it can be a granola bar or even a piece of fruit.
  • Lastly, try to avoid indulging in late night snacking. This should be avoided if you want to avoid putting on any extra weight in college, be careful of late night snacking, if you are up late studying try to make snacks as healthy as possible.

Following these tips to ensure a healthier lifestyle can be accomplished along with the help of the various healthy food options available on campus.

The new Galliano Cafeteria menu includes a salad bar, baked potato bar and  various other new additions that have moved the cafeteria in a healthier direction. The food court in the union also has healthier options like the sub shop Sub Connection and the salad bar Wall of Greens which also offers tofu.

Salads, fruit and cheese cups are offered at both Jazzman’s and The Grid. Picking up a fruit cup in between classes is a good way to ensure you get enough fruits and vegetables while on campus.

Sloan said its harder to develop healthy eating habits as you get older tha it is when you are a younger age.

“My advice to college students is to develop and maintain habits when you are young, so when you get older your not looking back wishing you would have had better habits and maintained your weight,” Sloan said.

The habits you develop now can have an influence on your body in years to come. By developing good habits sooner, it is ultimately healthier for your body.

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