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Students use Facebook to find the best textbook prices

September 13, 2016

College students will do whatever it takes to get the textbooks they need for the best prices.

Many students at Nicholls are using Facebook as a tool to snatch up their required texts through a group called “Nicholls Text Book Buy and Sell Through Facebook.”

This private Facebook group has 2,205 members and provides students with a platform to buy and sell textbooks independently each semester. Since students can only be added to this group by sending a request and being approved by an existing member, it can be considered one of the best secrets about Nicholls.

Daniel Frias, business administration sophomore from Raceland, said negotiation is a big part of finding the deal you want to get in the group. When Frias needed an iClicker and saw one for sale through the group on Facebook for $15, he decided to offer $20 for it. When he met up with the person selling the iClicker, he ended up getting it for only $10. In this situation, Frias saved about $40 on an iClicker since a brand new one would have cost him $50.

Frias heard about the group from his fraternity brothers in Sigma Alpha Epsilon who questioned why he would pay full-price for a book at the Nicholls Bookstore.

“They told me to go to the Nicholls Buy and Sell Textbooks page because they would give me an English 101 book for like $20, and I did get it for $20,” Frias said. “It benefited me through English 101 and English 102 and then I resold the book for what I bought it for.”

Caitlin Becnel, accounting senior, approves of the Facebook group as a safe and convenient way for students to exchange books at great prices. In her past experiences selling books through the group, she has met up with her recipients on campus and even exchanged study tips along with the materials that the recipient paid for.

Becnel believes that the Nicholls Bookstore will suffer in sales if more people are actively using the Facebook group to purchase and sell their textbooks. She hopes this will be a catalyst for the bookstore to start buying back textbooks from students at better prices if the Facebook group becomes a major competitor.

“I will absolutely continue to use this group and add many friends to be members in this group,” Becnel said. “I’ve already invited two of my friends to this group.”

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