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Stay focused but don’t lose track of what’s important

March 17

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College students are constantly reminded of how important it is to keep academics as a priority, but taking time to take care of yourself and what’s important to you is just as significant, although often overlooked. Stress...

Wearing other schools’ colors on campus shows disrespect

Rachel Klaus, Managing Editor

March 10

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Around Ray E. Didier field last week for the showdown against Louisiana State University versus Nicholls, I noticed a lot of color conflict, and by that I mean not enough people were wearing red and grey. More than half of...

Pope Francis and Donald Trump ignore political correctness

March 3

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Last month Pope Francis seemed to insert his opinion into American politics and caused a bit of a stir when speaking about presidential candidate Donald Trump. On the way home from the pope’s visit to Cuba, a reporter asked...

Higher education should be treated as a priority

February 25

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Politicians, opinion makers and pretty much everybody else have voiced their opinions about the budget cuts to higher education in the past few weeks. The discussions about viable solutions to the actual crisis basically go...

Locals should be mindful of past budget trends

February 18

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With the recent budget crisis being a major topic in the state of Louisiana, the new governor is now in the same position that President Obama was when first taking seat in office. Last week, governor of Louisiana, John Bel...

Colorism in the black community and how it affects black women

Personal Opinion by: Alexis Cannon, Design and Layout Editor

February 4

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Colorism is a topic that is not typically brought up in conversation, but many of us are well aware that it is an issue in the black community. Colorism is a term for discrimination based on skin color among people of the...

New Barbie image can have impact on young girls

February 4

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After 57 years of designing dolls that portray unrealistic beauty ideals, Mattel finally announced the addition of three new Barbie body shapes: “tall,” “petite” and “curvy.” According to the company, the idea behind...

Students must take responsibility for their success

January 29

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This spring semester, many students set goals to succeed at their highest potential; however, students can keep themselves from reaching that goal, even when they think professors or college itself is to blame. Students are...

Future public leaders should share and continue King’s dream

January 23

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In light of Martin Luther King Jr. Day this past Monday, we should not only take into consideration how far our nation has come in terms of equal human rights, but we should also come to the realization that today’s public leaders...

Fear is relevant, but we are over reacting too early

November 19

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There is a lot of buzz surrounding the ISIS attacks that occurred in Paris and other parts of the world, and speculation about 14 Syrian refugees entering Louisiana has everyone on their heels. Many citizens in our state fear...

Red cup becomes irrelevant holiday trending topic

November 12

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Thanks to the approaching holiday season and the power of social media, the meaning behind a simple red cup has developed a deeper significance than what it appears to be. Since Starbucks recently introduced their annual holiday-themed...

College mindset should focus on education, not degree alone

November 5

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As registration for the upcoming semester begins, many college students are reminded that they are one step closer to graduation; however, students should realize that the mindset they have about their time in college could be...

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