the nicholls worth

2020-2021 Staff

Jade Williams

Editor in Chief

Fun Facts: 9/10 times I’m wearing a sweater If I could interview anyone, it would be Charles Manson If I were a starbucks flavor i’d be a pumpkin nitro cold brew I have probably seen just about every horror movie ...

Brennan Arcement

Online Manager

Fun Facts: My favorite television series, which I’ve watched 3 times over, is Downton Abbey. My favorite Disney character and musical role is Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast.  My idea of the perfect celebration is a grou...

Jillian Landry

Magazine Manager

Fun Facts: I love knitting and crocheting while watching crime shows, so basically I’m your average college-aged grandma.  I love playing cards with my friends.  If I were a Starbucks drink, I’d be a but...

Madeline Bauland

Social Media Manager

Fun Facts: I’m left handed I’m ALWAYS dancing, even when there’s no music around  My favorite candy is Reese’s  ...

Alyssa Henderson

Copy Editor

Fun Facts: I want to travel to Scotland one day  I’m a Disney fan for life!! My last meal if I was on death row would be spicy chicken nuggets with a chocolate frosty from Wendy’s and a large McDonald’s fry.  ...

Addie Wetzel

Graphic Designer

Fun Facts: I would like to travel the world, but tasting the many kinds of pasta in Italy seems like a great time.  If I were a drink from Starbucks, I would be anything that is caramel, frozen, iced or hot.  I wo...

Haley Landry

News Editor

Fun Facts: Traveling to Greece is fairly high on my bucket list. If I were a Starbucks flavor, I’d be a white chocolate mocha—mainly because that’s all I get lol If I had the chance to interview anyone, I’d definite...

Benton Blanchard

News Multimedia

Hannah Guillot

News Writer

Troy Foret

Sports Editor

Fun Facts: If I could interview anyone, it would be Nick Kroll and John Mulaney I always match my socks to my outfit I prefer Marvel over DC, with the exception of Batman ...

Ben Woods

Sports Writer

Alexia Castellon

Entertainment Editor

Fun Facts: Elephants are my spirit animal; I'm looking forward to traveling to Thailand and spending time in a sanctuary with them.  I live for music festivals, traveling and BIG waves.  I’m French-Nicaraguan My life mantra i...

Owen Callais

Entertainment multimedia

Fun Facts: -If I could interview one person dead or alive, it would be Steve Irwin -I’m either wearing a leather jacket or a tropical shirt -My Hogwarts House is Gryffindor  ...

Brandt Solar

Entertainment Writer

Fun Facts: If I could travel anywhere it would be to Greece  I would love to live in New York one day Netflix and Naps are my favorite pastime  ...

Ryker John Emnace

Photo Editor

Fun Facts: I’m usually the guy you see with the electric skateboard with orange wheels on campus. I usually have a camera on me at all times I have a youtube channel (Spicyricevlogs) I am a part of the Colonel Cath...

Avery Landry


Fun Facts: My go-to party trick is a backflip I have been called a “TikTok boy”  on too many occasions I am constantly roasted for sleeping with socks on Some words to live by, “just breath, everything will be ok...

Maggie Bychurch


Fun Facts: If I could travel anywhere I would go to New Zealand If I could interview anyone, dead or alive, it’s between Jackie Kennedy or Princess Diana Something odd about me is that I constantly make jokes abo...

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