the nicholls worth

2019-2020 Staff

Jade Williams

Fun Facts: 9/10 times I’m wearing a sweater If I could interview anyone, it would be Charles Manson If I were a starbucks flavor i’d be a pumpkin nitro cold brew I have probably seen just about every horror movie ...

Jillian Landry

Fun Facts: I love knitting and crocheting while watching crime shows, so basically I’m your average college-aged grandma.  I love playing cards with my friends.  If I were a Starbucks drink, I’d be a but...

Keely Diebold

Major | Mass Communications Classification | Sophomore 3 Facts | I love photography; I wish I lived in Disney World; My favorite show is The Office. Favorite Quote | "Have courage and be kind."

Jessica Mouton

Major | Mass Communication Classification | Sophomore 3 Facts | Everyday is Halloween for me; My favorite movie is The Addams Family; I have a deep need to pet every dog I see. Favorite Quote | "You need a little bit ...

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