the nicholls worth

2017-2018 Staff

Holly Hallal

Major | Social Studies Secondary Education Classification | Junior 3 facts | Sloths are my favorite animal; I'm an only child; My favorite ice cream is Blue Bell Cookies and Creme. Favorite Quote | "After all, tomorrow ...

Whitney Voisin

Major | Psychology Classification | Sophomore 3 facts | I auditioned for The Voice; I used to have a horse; I just moved to Thibodaux. Favorite Quote | "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened....

Amber Mobley

Major | Psychology Classification | Junior 3 Facts | I'm a dog and chameleon enthusiast; I've been waiting six years for the next Game of Thrones book, and at this point, I've given up hope; I over analyze everything. Fa...

Claire Blanchard

Major | Biology Classificaton | Sophomore 3 Facts | I have a 12 year old pet bunny; my favorite color is black; I hate ketchup. Favorite Quote | "Just keep swimming."

Keely Diebold

Major | Mass Communications Classification | Sophomore 3 Facts | I love photography; I wish I lived in Disney World; My favorite show is The Office. Favorite Quote | "Have courage and be kind."

Daniel Benitez Jr.

Major | Mass Communication Classification | Sophomore 3 Facts | I have a wheaton-terrier mix dog; I have a girlfriend that goes to UL; I can name all 51 NFL Super Bowl Champions in chronological order. Favorite Quote | "The d...

Jessica Mouton

Major | Mass Communication Classification | Sophomore 3 Facts | Everyday is Halloween for me; My favorite movie is The Addams Family; I have a deep need to pet every dog I see. Favorite Quote | "You need a little bit ...

Juana Martinez

Major | Biology, Pre-Med Classification | Junior 3 Facts | I speak English and Spanish; I'm from Los Angeles, CA; I made a snow cone for Steve Carell. Favorite Quote | 'I need LifeAlert because I've fallen for you and I ca...

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