Shows on Netflix with buku seasons to binge


If there ever was a time to start that long Netflix series you have been wondering about, it is now. In this list, there is no rhyme or reason to these options. These shows are simply underappreciated and have enough seasons for fans to really become invested in something other than the pandemic. More seasons mean more time to fully connect to the characters and the depth of their emotions, relationships and comedic sense. Their stories can provide an escape during quarantined times, as well as a welcomed distraction.

Yes, we may still have online classes and schoolwork to accomplish, but once you’re done attending class in your pajamas, it might be time for a Netflix break after all that hard work.

Whether you are into crime shows, drama, comedies, the classics or somewhere in between, anything with more than five seasons has proved its worthiness and deserves at least a chance to make it to your top favorites.  

NCIS – 15 seasons

To be one of the longest scripted TV shows still airing today is not a small accomplishment. If it is a challenge you want, attempt figuring out the complexity that is Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Criminal Minds – 15 seasons

This is another show that has been around since we started Pre-K, and it gives viewers a reason to lock their doors. Interesting? Yes, very. Makes you not want to leave your house? Also yes. But, then again, that may be a good thing at the time.

Cheers – 11 seasons

In this time of isolation, why not indulge in a world where everyone knows your name? Cheers may be before our time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the good humor, original jokes and sense of home away from home. 

The Ranch – 8 parts

 If a sense of home is what you are looking for, The Ranch holds true to its roots. Although very dysfunctional, this family is there for one another through the roughest of charming ways.

Once Upon A Time – 11 seasons

In a more magical type of sorts, good and evil are not always that simple. Through a whirlwind of love, revenge and truth, these fairytales have just enough spin to keep you on the edge of your seat.

That ‘70s Show – 8 seasons

If you’re already tired of 2020, let’s go back to the 70s. It can be relaxing to sit back and enjoy the shenanigans one endures growing up with a circle full of friends in a basement in the suburbs of Wisconsin.

Charmed – 8 seasons

Fighting the good fight is always admirable. Discovering you and your sisters are witches, have specific powers and still chose to fight for good is not only honorable, but it is always entertaining, with just a tad of sass.

Parks and Recreation – 7 seasons

As we all know, workplace humor is some of the most awkward, relatable and hilarious types of comedy there is. You just never know what off-the-wall thing to expect next. Treat yourself to the wide variety of characters and simplistic adventures that thrive in Pawnee, Indiana.

The Blacklist – 7 seasons

Crime shows are one thing, but taking down criminals each episode with the help of the biggest criminal of all is something next level. Try getting into the mindset of this one. Good luck.

How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) – 5 seasons, with 6 and 7 on the way

In only five seasons, HTGAWM has left viewers with dropped jaws at every turn. Catch up quick to prepare for the upcoming seasons, because these law students are far from graduating.