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3 tips for spring break recovery

April 10, 2018

As we all know, spring break is a holiday that often puts many of us in a wild mindset, to say the least. With school starting up again, I think we all might need a little help recovering from our time off.

We as students deserve some time off, especially after a hard first half of the semester that was full of seemingly endless amounts of exams, projects and homework. We have no problem taking what we earned and cherishing a week away from all our responsibilities. Part of the problem with spring break is that it ends up being a time where students are still expected to keep up with their work by professors.

This in itself is an issue, but life is not always fair, and it’s our job as students to deal with whatever our professors throw at us. Recovering from spring break may seem impossible to comprehend for some right now, but here are some tips to get you back on the right track.

Focus on school: Ok, we’ve had our fun, but now it’s time to get back on our school grind. Most professors are already starting to take off with their lessons, so do whatever you have to do to keep up. After some time of being unconcerned with school, we need to start to prioritize school and its work again. Your studies can, and will, slip away from you, if you don’t keep up with them. Besides, there’s only a month before finals, so try to hold it together for just a little longer.

Reclaim your responsibilities: As bad as it sounds, picking up your responsibilities is very important, and while it may seem hard at first, just remember that no break lasts forever. Now, I’m probably the last one to be in opposition of another Saturday off, but I think everyone was kind of ready for their college lives to come back. If breaks lasted forever, then our lives would get pretty lifeless, so reclaim your responsibilities, and enjoy the opportunities you’ve been granted to attend college, work and ultimately be successful.

Start managing your time again: I don’t know about you, but I completely lost track of time over the break; I’m not even going to act like I knew what day we were on during last week. I was unconcerned with whatever day it was in my seemingly endless vacation, but all of that has to go back to normal with the start of school again.

Be sure to stay organized and start using a calendar again, if you haven’t already. Setting time aside to sleep is also an unfamiliar concept after that crazy week off, but if you don’t give yourself any time to rest, then you will probably end up skipping class and letting your grades start to drop. We have a month left before summer vacation, so make your time left in this semester count. Get it together, and don’t let your life takeoff without you. I believe in you.

Recovering from spring break won’t be an easy task, but it is definitely an obtainable goal. I hope you had a great break away from all the stress that comes with being a college student, and I hope you have the willpower to finish off this semester strongly. It’s time to get back on the grind. Good luck, fellow students.

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