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Answering all your Drop Day questions

February 26, 2018

As the Spring semester moves along, classes blend together, and it may seem harder and
harder to keep up. If you’re like me, you may be looking for some relief or a way to maintain
your GPA, rather than let it plummet to the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Have no fear, Drop Day
is here.

Drop Day? What is that?
Simply put, Drop Day is the final day to drop a class and receive a W on your transcript for Term A, or the Spring semester.

When is Drop Day?
This year, Drop Day falls on Tuesday, Feb. 27 th.

What’s so good about Drop Day?
That is an excellent question my friend. Drop Day can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Bombed the first few tests in a difficult class? Haven’t been showing up and capitalizing on attendance points? Drop Day is here to save you and your transcript from the dreaded F.

Instead, you receive a W, and are relieved from that class.

How do I go about dropping a class?
Head on over to Candies Hall, and talk to the lovely staff at the Records and Registration Office. There, they’ll get you to fill out a drop slip, and once you confirm that you want to drop that class, PRESTO, now you don’t have to show up anymore.

Wow, that sure sounds handy. Is there a catch?
I’m sure glad you asked. See, it’s not all fun and games when you drop classes. As a matter of fact, it can be pretty hectic. You can’t just drop a class you don’t like after the specified date, so be prepared to ride it out. If you drop a class, you may have to pay back any financial aid you received for this semester. Also, you can’t just go around collecting W’s all willy-nilly. If those W’s pile up, they may not look good on your transcripts when applying for jobs or graduate schools.

Geez, Louise. So, I need a genuinely appropriate reason to drop a class?
In my opinion, maybe. If you have a job, and it’s becoming difficult to accommodate the workload of all of your credit hours, I suggest dropping a class that isn’t required for your degree. If you are a transcript freak (chances are you will never drop a class, but anyway) and you did poorly on a test and assignments, then maybe drop the class and try again next semester. W’s will not affect your overall GPA like a D or F would.

Sweet, so could you summarize that again?
Drop Day:
When? February 27 th
Where? Records and Registration Office, Candies Hall
Why? Get out of difficult classes and avoid bad grades on your transcript

Thanks for the information! I’ll be sure to alert all my friends.

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