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5 tips for easier test taking

February 5, 2018

As the first weeks of the semester come to a close and the actual school work begins, the impending tests are just around the corner. No, I don’t mean actual trials or tribulations of physical or mental strength, I mean actual tests. Whether they’re multiple choice, true and false or the dreaded essay question, you need not worry any longer. Here are five tips to get you through even the most excruciating exams.

Get sufficient sleep– Rather than pulling an all-nighter for your upcoming exams, try and get to bed earlier than you normally would. It’ll increase your productivity come time to take the test, and hopefully you won’t pass out and miss the test all together. Balancing out your study schedule and sleep schedule will ultimately lead to better memory recall and you’ll feel more rested.

Dig around on Quizlet– If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, Quizlet is a website where thousands of students make flashcards for tests they have. I’ve found that nine times out of ten, if I search the chapters or classes on Quizlet, they’ll have a set of flashcards for the test I’m preparing for. Quizlet also has a feature that presents the flashcards to you in test taking formats like fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice.

Show up to class– You’d be surprised what wonders can come from a lecture. If you’re just showing up for the reviews before the test, chances are you won’t have nearly enough of the information that’ll be on the test. Show up on time, and maybe even pay attention to what the professor is saying. Knowing too much is always more valuable than not knowing enough.

Latch on to a group– Finding people that are in the same class as you can be very beneficial to learning what you need to know for the next test. Some people may have more notes (or hopefully BETTER notes) than what you have. Also, if you all wind up failing, at least you won’t be alone in your sadness.

Study… No, seriously– The definition of the term “study” can vary from person to person. Some people take notes in class and read over them obsessively until they know the material. Others just rely on the professor to post a study guide. And still, others simply show up when a test is given and then disappear, only to be seen again for the midterm or final. My advice is to not only take diligent notes, but actually read over what you have. More than likely it’ll end up on the test.

So, there you have it. If you want to be as smart and as studious as I, your fellow classmate, take these five tips and live by them. I personally guarantee you success in your college career. Goodnight and good luck.

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