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Tips for freshmen

August 22, 2017

Transitioning into the college lifestyle can sometimes be overwhelming for incoming freshmen. Here are just a few pieces of advice to make that adjustment a little less burdensome/stressful:

1. Don’t allow the hype of the college freshmen experience derail your academic success

You’ve been dreaming about your first two semesters of college for quite some time now. Finally, the moment has come for you to embrace the stereotypical college freshmen experience you’ve been anticipating. Although the parties and newly formed friendships are exciting, it would be wise to remember the main reason for attending college – to receive a higher education. Make your studies a priority, because it’s difficult to bring up your GPA after a couple of rough semesters.

2. Take advantage of all resources
Nicholls’ campus offers several useful tools, programs and organizations. Whether you’re in need of a tutor, a job, an organization to reflect your interests, or even a stress relief space, Nicholls’ resources are endless. Be sure to check out the Nicholls “Campus Life” webpage to learn more about opportunities.

3. Studying is a MUST
Each Nicholls program follows a curriculum designed to challenge students. If you want to succeed, studying must become a part of your daily routine.

4.Go to class
I really can’t stress this enough. Classes are relatively small at Nicholls which makes it easy to create connections with your professors. Speaking from experience, professors are more eager to help students with course material if they come to class regularly. Attending class also allows you to form lasting friendships with your classmates that might benefit you down the road. Who knows, you might even actually learn something.

5. Stay in close contact with your advisors
Your advisors are just an email away, so don’t be afraid to ask them for assistance. Through the new Student Advising and Mentoring (SAM) program, all faculty members are in the process of being trained on how to properly advise students in their specific academic program. A press release posted on the Nicholls website stated, “In addition to ensuring that students are properly enrolling in courses, advisers will help students identify internships, undergraduate research opportunities, study abroad trips and on- and off-campus organizations that reflect their own personal and professional interests.” So, even more so now than ever, your advisors are readily available to help you reach your academic goals.

6. Become strict with yourself
Upon entering college, you will quickly encounter and appreciate one of its major perks: freedom. Unlike in high school, you are now your own boss and have the privilege of making your own decisions. While this is an exciting change, you must possess some level of self-discipline to be a successful college student. Follow a daily routine, utilize your time efficiently, and don’t allow yourself to make excuses/justifications for procrastinating.

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