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Misandrist movement forces closer look at feminism

January 29

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Understanding and accepting that feminism is a gender equality movement is one step closer to realizing that the battle of the sexes cannot be won. By definition, feminism is supporting the same political, social and economic...

Budget cuts destroying Louisiana’s future

Sean Ellis, Editor

January 22

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In what has almost become an annual occurrence, the Louisiana State Legislature has announced another round of budget cuts for higher education. Governor Bobby Jindal and the state government have already slashed $673 million...

Emphasis on grades detrimental to learning

November 20

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With finals just around the corner, many students will be preparing to cram as much of the semester into their head for one final test, and there lies a major flaw in our education system. Learn information, forget information,...

Students need to watch wallets in holiday season

November 13

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With Thanksgiving and the holiday season around the corner, it’s time that college students exercise caution when heading to stores on Black Friday to fill stockings and find gifts for loved ones. College students, who typically...

Pivotal for students to exercise right to vote

November 6

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By the time this is published, votes from the midterm elections will have been counted and many will be happy to not see political ads taking up most of the commercial space between their favorite shows. However, it is likely...

Right to Die legislation causing controversy

Personal Opinion by: Melanie Cowan, Managing Editor

October 30

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The idea of physician-assisted death for terminally ill patients has only recently become a hot topic of debate when a young woman from California decided to call for this to become legal nationwide. Brittany Maynard has recently...

Mental illnesses common among college students

October 16

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We can all relate to one another when we feel overwhelmed or stressed. It can play a huge role in our paths to success. Mental illnesses among college students are becoming more common than we would like to admit or believe. According...

Breaking the perception of equality groups

October 9

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Equality groups, such as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Gay Straight Alliance Network and also various feminist movements, have been recently perceived as trying to bring about dominance as...

Yes Means Yes Bill should spread nationwide

October 2

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Facing what is regarded as an epidemic of campus sexual assault, California lawmakers have become the latest to sign a law into effect defining what constitutes consent, and it is time for Louisiana’s legislature to do the same. Colleges...

Technological advances outpacing society

September 25

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It’s that time of year again when Americans will be lining up outside stores to buy the latest iPhone. It seems technology has crept that much further into our lives. It’s strange to think 20 years ago, cassette tapes and...

College students today don’t have it easy

September 18

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We can all relate to our elders, whomever they may be, constantly reminding us how good college students have it easy and that we should be thankful for the chance to get an education. They may be partially right, but they...

A look at the United States thirteen years later

September 11

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Since the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon, United States foreign policy, its response to possible terrorism and the average American citizen’s response to terrorism has changed dramatically. As...

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