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Planned Parenthood defunding offers closer look at issues

October 23

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Texas Governor Greg Abbot’s recent elimination of taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s recent attempt at the same action expresses one side of the argument on Planned Parenthood while...

Test scores don’t necessarily determine knowledge gained

October 15

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As the middle of the semester is rapidly approaching, students are preparing for mid term exams and hoping for the A that will keep them from dropping the class, but exams and test results do not always determine the amount of...

School Spirit Shouldn’t Rely on Game Records

Caroline Callais, Editor

October 8

Filed under Editorial, Showcase

Although Nicholls State University’s school spirit was in full swing this past homecoming week, students need to keep in mind that school spirit and support should not have conditions or an expiration date. There is no reason...

I was not attacking the mentally ill: a response to the letter to the editor

Personal Opinion by: Rachel Klaus, Managing Editor

October 1

Filed under Editorial

In order to resolve any misunderstandings concerning my editorial about mental illnesses in our last issue of The Nicholls Worth, I believe I should shed some light on the situation. Editorials are based on the majority opinion...

Mental illness should cause great concern

September 17

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Americans stand for their right to bare arms, however some believe taking guns away will stop gun violence from occurring when it is not always the gun’s fault, it is sometimes mental illness. Recent shootings such as the...

Pope Francis revolutionizes the Catholic religion while still upholding traditional values.

September 10

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Pope Francis’ most recent announcement of simplifying the process of Catholic annulments shows how he continues to revolutionize not only what it means to be a good Catholic, but also shows modernized morality. This might...

Social media makes 2016 presidential elections unique

September 3

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The world of social media is taking over the 2016 presidential election, as more candidates start using it as a platform to gain donors, voters and supporters. Technology has changed since the last presidential election in...

Don’t be quick to assume during complex situations

August 27

Filed under Editorial

Over 30 million alleged users of Ashley Madison, an extramarital affair-dating site, had their confidential information collected and released to the public by a group of hackers last Tuesday. As similar occurrences of privacy...

College students finish degree at their own pace

August 20

Filed under Editorial

Most current college students will not receive their bachelor’s degree in four years or less, and the presumption that today’s students are less intelligent is not the cause. According to the New York Times in 2014, only...

July 9

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One of the most controversial subjects since the Charleston, South Carolina church massacre is the removal of the Confederate flag on statehouse grounds. The question still remains, should other states do the same? Historically,...

Don’t let the media dictate Louisiana’s culture

June 18

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Louisiana citizens being portrayed as camouflaged, jolly bayou travelers on reality television has impacted not only American culture, but the influence Louisiana has worldwide. Since Hurricane Katrina, media and film industries...

Students should take summer courses

June 11

Filed under Editorial, Showcase

For as long as students can remember, summer break typically consists of going to summer camp, vacation, spending time with friends and being a couch potato at home. Some college students are free of responsibility during...

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