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Regression in environmental policies affects everyone

March 23

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In a time when climate change is a serious threat to the planet and countries around the world need stricter environmental policies, President Trump and his administration proposed a $2.6 billion cut to the Environmental Protection...

To Nicholls students: stand up for your rights

March 16

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As an alumnus, I am embarrassed by the situation surrounding the La Pirogue yearbook and Nicholls’ administration’s decision to pull the funding without input from the student body – the people whose money they are moving...

Now is the time for our voices to be heard

March 9

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“They slowly silence us.” That’s what mass communication major Chelsea Jackson took to Facebook to say upon hearing about the administration’s decision to defund the yearbook without student opinion. Well,

Appreciation or appropriation? A guide to help you honor different cultures conciously

February 23

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The African-American History Month commemorations are taking place all over the United States during the entire month of February. There is no better way to celebrate the deeds of African-American ancestors and their heritage,...

Super Bowl 51 sends a message of unity

February 9

Filed under Editorial

Whether you watched for the love of the game, your favorite team, Lady Gaga or just the commercials, anyone who tuned it noticed a message shared by the 2017 Super Bowl. We think this year’s game and its events shared a noticeable...

It’s okay if Saints fans root for Super Bowl Villain

February 2

Filed under Editorial

It is hard to deny that for the majority of NFL fans, the New England Patriots are poised as the villain in this year’s Super Bowl LI, yet for New Orleans Saints fans it may be hard to root against them. The New England Patriots...

Trump presidency sparks a movement worldwide

Personal Opinion By: Juana Martinez, Lagniappe Editor

January 26

Filed under Editorial, Opinions

Women and men from around the world marched on January 21 to support women’s rights and protest policies placed by President Donald Trump and his administration. Soon after discovering that Trump had won the presidency, Teresa...

It only takes one person to do what is right

January 19

Filed under Editorial

Thousands of people marched on the streets all over the country to celebrate Martin Luther King Day on Monday fuelling our hearts with a breath of fresh air as the new year debuts. King’s message of equality and justice that...

Final remarks from the 2014-2016 La Pirogue Editor

Personal Opinion By: Katelyn Smith, Former La Pirogue Editor

November 3

Filed under Editorial

As my time as La Pirogue Editor comes to an end, I cannot help but think back on all the memories made while putting these books together. Not all of the memoires of putting these books together have been favorable, but this volume...

Society’s insensitivity is shown in Halloween costumes

October 20

Filed under Editorial

The month of October is a month-long celebration leading up to Halloween. People join the festivities by watching horror films, visiting haunted houses, eating candy and strategically planning their costumes, but lately it seems...

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